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Cash Surveys Only - Terms and conditions

The following here are / is the official and original terms and conditions for subscribing to a Membership of Membership Service. The terms and Conditions of the Subscription is for temporary, permanent, and active membership, to our site, which can be viewed at For purposes and conditions of this agreement, "Member" refers to you and "site" refers to us.

"Site" means a World Wide Web site and, depending on the context, refers either to the site, located on the world wide web, or at site location or it may be considered as URL and HTTP of and/or at any associated URL, including any advertisement or promotion of or to any email or other advertising medium which promotes a product, membership or service. This also includes any other site that has a link to our site.


We are not selling you this list with this transaction you are becoming a member of CashSurveysOnly. You are not acquiring the list. Membership gives you access to our list on our site including to the membership package you get customer service you may email us at any time. 

Language and Terms Used in the Terms and Conditions!

For purposes and conditions of this agreement In these terms and conditions; the term our, us, we, etc and other sorts of language which can imply us are used to define the site the terms of you, Your etc and all other sorts of language and terminology used for you is expressed and written and meant for you the member, whether you are a temporary member or a member for permanent status or active. The definition of the word site is mentioned above.

By submitting your information

You will be given membership to our site. Your membership to our site will last for one year. After the first year is up and you are happy with the membership or if you need more time to review our list or wish to stay a member of our site to have access to future listings, you do not have to do anything your membership will last as long as we remain in business. You will be given a eight weeks leeway to cancel your membership and receive a refund of your membership from Click Bank. This is our money back gurantee policy which is backed by Click Bank. If you have any questions regarding your membership feel free to contact us at our toll free number ###-###-####.

Ammendments reserves the right to change and ammened the terms conditions and fees where applicable without notice at any given time. These amendments and additions will be done from time to time as we see fit. By remaining a member of and/or by cashing out payments from us where applicable you are accepting and agreeing to the new/revised and amended terms conditions and fees. Please read our official terms and conditions of permanent membership in addition to these terms and conditions. You can view our official terms and conditions at


These include any American who is over the age of 18 may sign up for membership to our site.

Reselling Information

By signing up to membership to our site you agree that you will not copy, reproduce, duplicate, trade, rent or resell anything on our site for commercial income or pupposes. You will also not give over or share your log in user name password with anyone to gain access to our database and services.


Because results depend on the effort put in, no results are guaranteed. Your individual results may vary. It all depends on if you fit the profile to take a particular survey and on how determined you are.


By submitting your email address, you give Cash Surveys Only permission to send you emails about the status of your account as well as ocasional emails about CSO and paid surveys in general.

We will never sell or give out your private information including your emails to anyone else. We may use 3 party companies to help us deliver our emails but no one will ever use your email for any other reason. You will always be given the option in our promotional emails to opt out of our email list.


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